“Tom Uan Moo” (ต้มอวนหมู) 

Tom Uan Moo

A local Samuian soup of fermented pig’s head

This soup is another beautiful example of how local villagers were preserving food items in a traditional way to make them last longer in a hot and humid climate.

The pig’s head is first being grilled for a smoky aroma and after it has cooled down, its parts are being cut in bite-sized pieces which then are cured with sea salt for 24 hours.

Now continuing with the second part of the fermentation process, paddy rice (“khao plueak” –  ข้าวเปลือก) is being toasted and grinded before it gets blended with the earlier cured pork pieces. After another 48 hours the pig head’s pieces have developed the flavour and texture of the fermentation process.

For “Tom Uan Moo” cheeks, ears and the snout are typically being used. The soup comes with a distinctive sour flavour from fermented pork. While seasoning the soup with ‘Kapi’, Bilimbi (in Southern Thai dialect “Mung Mang” – มุงมัง) are brightening up the soup. Sweetness and a slight herbal touch are added by the use of shallots, garlic and lemongrass which combines very well with the smoky aroma of fermented pig head. Enjoying this soup with its crunchy pig’s ears, fatty pork cheeks and juicy ‘Mung Mang’.

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