Khoey Jee (เคยจี) & Nam Chub Prok (น้ำชุบพรก)

Two versions of a shrimp paste relish chargrilled in coconut shell.

A significant local dish from Koh Samui as well as from the provinces of Nakhon Sri Thammarat and Phattalung. While “Khoey Jee” is the popular version in our area, “Nam Chub Prok” can be found further down South in Nakhon and Phattalung.

Straightforward and simple as it is, it is showing local wisdom of how people were carrying along food when they were travelling or went out on the ocean for fishing. Also it is a convenient home-style relish as our kitchen is surrounded by coconut shells.

Roast ingredients (garlic, chilli, ‘Goong Haeng’ for the ‘Nam Chub Prok’ version), pound them in a mortar, apply the pounded mixture to the coconut shell and spread it thinly on the inside. Grill until it releases its aroma.

Most people like to dip in a variety of fresh “Phak Nor” (ผักเหนาะ) while my Dad is just dipping in fresh chillies.

Sublime saltiness that beautifully combines with a smoky aroma.

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